Decision Tree for Regression Models in Machine Learning

Building decision tree for regression problems

Decision Tree for Regression
Weather Data for Hours Played Prediction using Decision Tree
  1. SDR (Hours, Outlook) = 1.66
  2. SDR (Hours, Temperature) = 0.39
  3. SDR (Hours, Humidity) = 0.09
  4. SDR (Hours, Windy) = 0.39
  1. If outlook condition is sunny and temperature is mild then prediction on number of hours match can be played is 41.5 hours irrespective of other conditions.
  2. If outlook is overcast then irrespective of other conditions, prediction is 46.25 hours.
  3. If outlook is rainy then if it is windy then prediction is 26.5 hours and if it is not windy then prediction is 47.6 hours.



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